Camping Health & Beauty Items For Ladies

News & Tips: Camping Health & Beauty Items For Ladies...

1 beauty campWhile the camping packing list for women and men is pretty much the same -- tent, hiking boots, sunscreen, etc. -- there are a few extra items that ladies may want to consider bringing along on their next camping trip.

Here are camping health and beauty essentials, in addition to the typical camping checklist, for ladies headed into the outdoors:

Dry Shampoo. Freshen up your locks without a full shower by applying dry shampoo to your roots, letting it absorb the oil and then combing out -- as directed on your particular product’s instructions. 

First Aid Kit. Bring one that includes antibiotics, antihistamine for allergies, non-aspirin pain reliever, sting relief, bandages and insect repellent.

Hygiene Products. Be sure to pack feminine hygiene items. Many feminine products are scented. Use only unscented or lightly scented items. Scented items may act as an attractant to insects and some animals. If you’re using disposables, pack along small brown paper bags or zip-top baggies to pack out your products after use. 

Also take your toothbrush, toothpaste and toilet paper.

And remember: No matter which products you use, prioritize clean hands. Get access to running water and soap, if possible, to thoroughly cleanse hands; otherwise, opt for cleaning your hands with bottled water and biodegradable soap, unscented anti-bacterial wet wipes or hand sanitizer … or a combination of all three. 

Get clean between showers with a packet of gentle, cleansing wet wipes.

Beauty Products. Keep it simple. Pack along a tinted moisturizer that contains sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful rays, along with a little sun-protectant lip balm and perhaps a waterproof mascara.

Large, Lightweight Summer Scarf or Bandana. Scarves or bandanas are great multi-tasking garments. Use yours as cozy muffler while preparing a camp breakfast, as a swimsuit coverup lakeside, and as a nice wrap to drape around your shoulders when you’re lounging next to the campfire.

Ladies, what other items do you pack along to make your camping experience more comfortable?