Great Campsite Games and Activities for the Whole Family

News & Tips: Great Campsite Games and Activities for the Whole Family...

Family campingYou’ve wrapped up an active day of hiking, fishing and swimming and have settled at your campsite for the evening. But just because you’ve hunkered down for the night doesn’t mean the fun has to end for you and your family! Keep the good times rolling with some great campsite games and activities.

Check out our suggestions below:

Scavenger Hunt

Design a scavenger hunt that can be done in and around your campsite while you’ve still got some daylight. Put together a checklist with items to find -- a match, a pinecone, a headlamp, something soft, something yellow, something that starts with “R”, three stones, etc. -- and see who can gather all the items on the list the fastest.

Shadow Puppets

You can create shadow puppets with very little -- just a light source such as a flashlight, along with a wall and your hands. This activity is particularly excellent for adding some special effects to bedtime stories and fairy tales, and can be particularly fun on those rainy nights when you’re stuck in the tent.


When it comes to games and activities for camping, the fewer pieces or components, the better. With Yahtzee, you need only five dice, a score sheet and -- if you want -- a cup to shake up the dice. Then, have a ball trying to roll your Full House, Large Straight and Yahtzees!

Card Games or Board Games

Bring along a regular ol’ deck of cards or special decks for games such as UNO and Go Fish. To keep the cards all together, wrap them up with a rubber band between uses. An outdoor-themed board game will challenge young and old and just might teach a few lessons about the great outdoors.

Learning Activities

With your downtime at the campsite, teach the kids a thing or two with some learning activities. Page through a book on leaf or insect identification, explain how to use a compass or read through literature on the history of the campground where you’re staying.

What campsite games and activities do you enjoy most?