10 Must Have Items to Stock in Your Boat

News & Tips: 10 Must Have Items to Stock in Your Boat...

boat familyStocking the boat with certain items can make the difference between a fun day on the water or a quick end to the trip. Here are some suggestions that have been game savers for myself.

  1. Electrical Tape. Inexpensive and easy to store, electrical tape can provide many uses out on the water. From protecting frayed wires to securing transducer cords, a couple of rolls are stocked in my boat each season.

  2. Locking Zip Ties. Available in various size, locking zip ties have saved the day a number of times throughout the years. For instance, when a fishing reel seat once broke on a spinning rod, they helped me easily secure my reel back to the rod. In a pinch, they can also be used to secure rods together when the water gets rough and the sticks start bouncing.

  3. Spare Clothes. Although it may feel warm on shore, out on the lake can be a different story. I always carry extra sweaters, flannel pants, socks, a toque and gloves in a storage compartment; kept neat and organized in a waterproof bag. Having extra clothes can be a lifesaver if someone was to fall overboard. Shop outdoor men's clothing or women's outdoor clothing at Bass Pro Shops.

  4. Spark Plugs. Plugs can foul. Carrying an extra set will ease worry when out on a long run. Ensure they are gapped correctly before placing them in a dry storage box.

  5. Drift Sock. Tuck one of these into the storage compartment at the beginning of the season. On those blustery days, drift socks can bring comfort and the ability to cast and retrieve effectively, back into the mix.

    drift sock size chart
  6. Hand-held Compass GPS-enabled electronics are useful for getting you back to the dock. But, what happens if a malfunction occurs or batteries die. A hand-held compass should be on board every craft. For those that fish big water or after dark, even more important.

  7. Basic Tools. A small tool kit should be standard in your boat. A selection of screw drivers, wrenches, pliers, spark plug remover, and a knife should cover all of the bases. Bass Pro Shops has a large variety of knives, tools here.

  8. Rope. Carry at least two long lengths of rope in your boat; at a minimum of 50 feet each. These can be used as a dock tie, for towing purposes, or as a toss rope for an angler struggling in the water.

  9. Hand-held Spotlight. I once was disorientated on the water after darkness fell. Knowing I needed to get up a narrow creek to the launch ramp, which was invisible to my naked eye, was a definite cause for concern. Luckily, I had my trusty spotlight in the boat, and after a few scans of the shoreline, was able to find my way safely back to the truck. I never leave the dock without one of these now. Check out the outdoor lighting such as flashlights, lanterns and spotlights at Bass Pro Shops here.

  10. Sunscreen and Bug Repellent. With the instances of skin cancer rising, sunscreen is a no-brainer. Left in the boat gives you no excuse not to wear it. As for those pesky bugs, we all know what it is like to unload a boat in darkness at the ramp. Enough said.