Docks are a Great Place for Fishing Bass

News & Tips: Docks are a Great Place for Fishing Bass...

1 dock fishingDocks are great places to catch bass, but some docks are better for fishing than others.

Docks in clear to moderately clear lakes are better than those in stained or algae-laden waters. Those with constant foot traffic are less productive than those used less frequently. For example, resort docks and gas docks are usually poor prospects. On docks with a lot of daytime use, morning might be the only time the fish will be there.

Windswept docks are never as good as those in calm water. Three or more warm days in a row tend to draw more fish to docks than post-cold front conditions, and midday is usually better than morning or evening.

Docks with barking dogs or crabby owners are usually not worth the bother.


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