Fishing Tip: After the Bass Spawn

After bass fish leave their beds their mood can range from savagely aggressive to totally lockjawed. There is no set pattern and all sorts of fishing lures can work now.

Start looking for post-spawn bass by locating vacated spawning beds. Some bass hang around the edges after spawning. A 6-inch finesse worm works good by shaking and quivering it through the old nest. Also try a shallow ditch or creek channel leading from the nesting grounds to deeper water. The fish hold around stumps, bushes, laydown trees, and weeds. Some will only be in a foot of water, others will be deep.

If the fish are shallow and it’s early, try a buzzbait. When the sun gets up, go to a floating-diving minnow-style lure. Cast it tight to cover and keep twitching until the bass takes it.

Don’t get hung up on one lure or pattern. Keep your options open and experiment.

Edwin Evers is a member of the
Bass Pro Shops® Pro National  Fishing Team