Fishing Tip: Big Bass In March

No time of year holds as rich a potential for fishing and catching big bass as March.

The reason is simple: At no other time is such a large percentage of the adult bass population concentrated close to shore, where most of us do our best at catching them.

As the first warm days of March arrive, major changes that dramatically alter the angling picture begin to occur in the bass world. Daylight lengthens and wind patterns start to shift with more breezes blowing in from the south. Water temperatures edge upward. Bass begin to stir, moving first from deep lake hangouts to transition depths of 8 to 15 feet, then eventually even closer to shore, to the sun-baked shallows where baitfish are most abundant and spawning soon will take place.

Rising water temperatures increase the bass’ metabolism, encouraging heavy feeding.

Edwin Evers is a member of the
Bass Pro Shops® Pro National Fishing Team