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Is Montana The Best (Lower 48) State for Hunting?

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October 10, 2012
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Now, declaring a best state for hunting is difficult from the get-go because it all depends on what we’re talking about hunting: hog, duck, turkey, wolf, bison? Also, we’ve left Alaska off of consideration because while there may be more game to hunt here in the lower 48, Alaska’s openness and public lands give it quite a hunting advantage.

So down here in the mainland, Montana makes a very strong case for offering the best all-around hunting experience and options. There is a little of every kind of animal, plenty of mountains and National Forests (Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest alone covers 3.32 million acres), beautiful scenery and it’s cheaper than flying up to Anchorage.

ArcheryArchery, rifle, handgun or shotgun -- or even just armed with a camera -- here are some of the best Montana locations for hunting:

Elk - Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, Southwest Montana

Whitetail Deer - Swan-Seeley Valley, Western Montana

  • Deer and Elk seasons begins Sept. 1 for archery and Oct. 20 for general hunting. Backcountry HD’s for general hunting start mid-September.

Pheasant - Lewistown, Central Montana

  • A great youth hunting trip, pheasant season dates begin Sept. 22 for kids and Oct. 6th for everyone else.

Turkey - Long Pine National Forest, Southeast Montana

  • Fall 2012 dates for turkey hunting run from Sept. 1 - Jan. 1.

Mountain Lion - Northwest Montana

  • Montana is one of a few states that allows the hunting of mountain lions. Hound hunting for mountain lions begins Dec. 1 and runs through April 14, 2013.

*Season dates may vary by district, so always check local regulations

What do you think?

Where is the best hunting found in America? Texas could make a quality argument, as could some other destinations like Missouri or Arkansas. Or does Montana really offer the best hunting experience in mainland America?

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