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Fishing Redband Trout on the Bruneau River in Nevada

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July 29, 2013
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Native Trout Adventrues: Episode 7

Watch the final episode of "TRCP's Native Trout Adventures" as we accompany our sportsmen partners on the Bruneau River in northern Nevada in search of native redband trout. Join in our quest for feisty fish in one of the wildest, least-populated locations in the lower 48 and learn about the importance of publicly accessible waters fed by public lands backcountry.

Fishing Redband Trout on the Bruneau River in Nevada


Backcountry Hunters and Anglers
National Wildlife Federation
Nevada Bighorns Unlimited
Nevada Department of Wildlife

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Founded in 2002, the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership is a non-profit organization working to guarantee all Americans quality places to hunt and fish.

In 1912 Theodore Roosevelt said, “There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country.” While in the political arena, he succeeded in making conservation a top tier national issue. T.R. had the foresight to address these issues still so significant to sportsmen today, understanding that if we want to ensure critical habitat, special hunting grounds and secret fishing holes will be around for future generations, we must plan carefully today.

In order to guarantee all Americans quality places to hunt and fish, we strengthen laws, policies and practices affecting fish and wildlife conservation by leading partnerships that influence decision makers.

In early 2012, the TRCP joined forces with Bass Pro Shops and Steven Rinella of the hit TV show “MeatEater” to produce a video series highlighting conservation issues key to our fish, wildlife and hunting and angling traditions. Each episode of “TRCP’s Conservation Field Notes” follows Rinella to far-flung destinations where he talks about critical conservation issues related to the hunts and regions featured on “MeatEater.”

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