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9 Family Summer Vacation Ideas for the Outdoors

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June 16, 2014
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Last week I threw out some options for what kids could do this summer in the outdoors. Now let's take it a step further and takl about what a family can do together this summer. What mom or dad doesn't struggle with planning a vacation that will bring the family close together after a scattered school year? I know that I do.

First off, don't make it too hardcore or the family will be miserable. Save the 20-mile hike for when you go elk hunting. Take a consensus and see what everyone wants to do. Here's what I'm doing this summer: I told everyone to throw out some ideas; then everyone gets two votes. The idea that gets the most votes will be the vacation that we take.

Before we get started, here's a rule to consider: Throw all of the cell phones, iPads and laptops into a box. Or at least limit their use to certain times of the day so you actually hang together.

FamilyVacationIdeasOutdoors HEADER

Jet ski rentals can make a camping trip even more fun for the entire family.


Family Fun Ideas

#1. Camping. This is always fun. After the initial cost of buying the gear, it's a cheap vacation. One time the girls wanted to go see the ocean. We camped on the beach one night and stayed in a motel the next. This really cut expenses.

#2. Hiking. You can go on day hikes or overnight backpacking trips.

#3. Visit a dude ranch out West. Dude ranches, also called guest ranches, are ranches geared toward tourism. Your family can enjoy the "cowboy" life. 

#4. Family fishing trips. My family always went fishing together. Many times in other states.

#5. Float trips. Floating rivers is a blast. Many states offer this as an option and then of course the mountain states offer whitewater rafting and kayaking.

#6. Rent jet ski. I want to rent some jet skis from Cheap Thrills up in McCall, Idaho, and take my family this summer. Jet skiing is a blast.

#7. Four-wheeling. Rent four-wheelers and explore the mountains.

#8. Make them really happy by buying a boat. I'd recommend getting a combo ski/fishing boat so the whole family can enjoy it.

#9. 3-D archery shoot. At any 3-D shoot you'll see a lot of families shooting together. Archery would be a lot of fun to get into as a family, whether you just shoot targets or start hunting together. Spark that interest this summer. 

 I think the outdoors provides a great place for families to get away and with all of the challenges that can pop up, there are always opportunities for the family to bond together.

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