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Creative Uses for Aluminum Foil in the Outdoors

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February 15, 2014
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Cooking Fish Dinner on CampfireLovers of the outdoors are resourceful people, often repurposing everyday household items when camping, hunting or hiking for the sake of convenience – or even survival.

While a whole lot of commonplace items can be incredibly useful in these instances, one thing in particular that outdoorsmen don’t want to be without is aluminum foil. Not only does its intended use come in handy while in the outdoors, but so do its more creative uses.

Below we’ve listed several different ways aluminum foil can be used in the great outdoors.

Improvised Cookware and Dishes

When it comes to cooking and serving food, the utility of aluminum foil actually goes beyond preparing foil dinners.

For one, you can craft your own “frying pan” from foil, as suggested by Reader’s Digest. Simply place a forked stick over two layers of foil and then wrap the foil around the sticks, leaving some slack. Flip the stick over and press down the center of the foil to create a “pan” for frying.

Additionally, in a pinch, you can create serving dishes from foil, as well. Just form a couple sheets of foil into the shape of a plate or bowl, and you’ve got a place for dinner to be served.


Aluminum foil is excellent at keeping hot things hot and cold things cold. Wrap it around your beverage containers or around hot or cold foods to better maintain the desired temperature.


Make pouring things a bit easier by crafting a funnel out of foil.

Match Protector

A great tip from Reader’s Digest: Keep matches dry on camping trips by wrapping them in aluminum foil.


Need to clean grill grates or scour pots and pans? Get these things squeaky clean by balling up some foil and using the abrasive edges to buff away unwanted grease and grime.

Bug Blocker

Keeping unwanted bugs out of your beverages is easy with aluminum foil. suggests topping your drink can with a foil lid and then poking a straw through to keep bugs at bay.

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