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Being Different: Changing Fishing Baits

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January 10, 2014
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Don’t be afraid to change baits when fishing slows down. Giving bass a new look is sometimes all it takes to put several of them in your boat.

Say, for example, you fish an area that is holding good fish and you catch one or two on a crankbait. Before moving on, work the area again with a crankbait that has a different action or maybe one that will run a little deeper or shallower.

Also, don’t be afraid to try lures that aren’t supposed to work under certain conditions (i.e. a buzzbait in the middle of a cold front). That different look can be enough to coax a few more fish into striking. Every time you present a lure that looks different, you give yourself a chance to catch fish that wouldn’t respond to other baits you’ve fished. Sometimes, being different is all it takes.

by Jimmy Houston host of "Jimmy Houston Outdoors" TV Show

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Jimmy Houston

Home: Cookson, Oklahoma
(wife) Chris, (kids) Jamie & Sherri
Fishing & Hunting
Tracker 190 & Tracker 175

Angling Stuff

Favorite Technique: Spinnerbaits, Top water, Jigs
Fishing Strength:
Shallow water, Spinnerbaits, Jigs
Favorite Lake:
Guntersille, Alabama, Tenkiller, Oklahoma
Favorite Species
Fished: Bass & Crappie, I luv Peacock Bass!
Likes to Fish:
  Man-made lakes & rivers


Career Highlights

Over 30 years in Television
Fishing over 60 years
15- Time Bassmaster Classic qualifier
2008 IGFA Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame
2008 Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame
2004 Jim Thorpe Man of the Year
2002 Professional Bass Fishing Hall of Fame
1990 National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame
1989 King of Sports for Sishing
1986, 1976, B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year
Author of 5 fishing books

 Jimmy Houston, Americas Favorite Fisherman, is on national television hosting Jimmy Houston Outdoors on NBC SPORTS Network; America One; My Family TV; America Media Group; and The Texas Channel Cable Network.  Jimmy Houston Adventures is on NBC SPORTS Network; America One; My Family TV; AMG Network; and The Texas Channels Cable network. His show (JHO) consistently ranked as the #1 outdoors show on ESPN for 20 years and now on NBC SPORTS Network and the other networks.

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