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How I Scratch the Itch to Fish in Winter?

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November 18, 2013
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Bo Miller's BoatThere are two days I look forward to – the day I get my boat out in April and the day I put it away in November. You probably wonder why I would look forward to putting my rig away for the winter. Well, simply put: I need the winter months to recuperate from a busy fishing season. Winter is a great break that gives you time to go through all your fishing tackle, fix any problems that developed with equipment during the fishing season and just take a breather.

But what happens in the winter when you get that fishing bug? Well, I have a few things that seem to work for me.

One thing I do is record all of the Elite Series tournaments and watch them over and over again. My wife has asked me many times if I get tired of watching the same shows over and over again. My answer to that is "no". I don’t watch them for the entertainment aspect as much as I do the learning opportunity. I dissect each and every episode, watching closely what the pros are doing and what I can incorporate into my own fishing experiences.

I also take this time to practice, practice, practice! How do I do that in the winter? Well, quite honestly, I am known to this day for practicing my casting wherever and whenever I can. There is still a picture floating around my police department of me in uniform, casting a jig down the hallway. But be sure to get permission from your boss before you show up with a 7-foot rod and a flippin’ jig!! I also set up buckets in my basement, setting some of them up and slightly covering them with something, making it a little harder to hit the opening. This kind of mimics a hard-to-get-to spot when flippin’ or pitchin’. You would be surprised at how well your casting will improve throughout the winter months.

Bo MillerLastly – and this may sound a little off the wall, but it works – I take a wide-gap hook and hook it to a stable object, like a piece of furniture. I then practice my hook sets. I have learned that it's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission to do this!!

These are just a few things I do to help the winter blues. Oh, and I do have several creeks loaded with salmon all throughout the winter, but that’s another article!

by Gregory "Bo" Miller

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Greg 'Bo' Miller

Home: Laporte, Indiana
(wife) Amie, (son) Hunter, (daughter) Alex
Mushroom hunting and a lot of fishing!
: 2000 ProCraft SuperPro 200, Mercury 200 EFI motor


Angling Stuff

Favorite Technique: Crankbait, drop-shotfishing
Fishing Strength:
My mental game is one of my major strengths. Preparation for a tournament is vital both physically and mentally. I take a great deal of time studying lakes, maps and new locations to fish. Keeping you rhead in the game and stayingphysically fit is very important. Staying fit so you can rigor the hours on the boat is a point that is greatly overlooked.
Favorite Lake:
Lake Michigan and Table Rock Lake in Missouri
Favorite Species Fished
Smallmouth bass
Likes to Fish:
Private inland lakes with my family. It's great break from the stressors of tournament fishing. Any inland lake just to relax and catch some bluegill.

Career Highlights

Fishing 34 years
One 1st place tournament finish
15 Top-10 wins
2011 Anglers Dream, Division 5, 4th place finish at St. Joe River
2011 Final Standing, 18th Place
2010 Anglers Dream, Division 1, 1st place finish at Lake Michigan
2010 Final Standing, 6th Place
Fishing Huber's Marine local tournaments 2007 through 2010
Pro Staff member for Bass Pro Shops

Sponsors: SERVPRO (Laporte & Porter County), Mercury Marine, KVD Line & Lure, PowerPole,, St. Croix Rods, Poor Boys Baits

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