The Versatile and Convenient Stik-O Fishing Bait

News & Tips: The Versatile and Convenient Stik-O Fishing Bait...

Yes, I have a boat. Yes, it has sat a lot this summer. The reason: I have discovered the versatility and convenience of the Bass Pro Shops® Stik-O™ Worm . Lately I have found that it's so much easier just to pack a bunch of different color Stik-Os and some octopus fishing hooks in to the same bag, throw them in a cargo pocket and head out to my favorite pond.

Trust me, it's not always necessary to have all the latest equipment and fishing tackle to have a successful day on the water--be it from shore or from a boat. Many anglers talk about how versatile jigs can be, you can swim them, pop them off the bottom, pitch em in to brush just as you can a spinnerbait. But it's the Stik-O that’s done it for me this summer.

My favorite way to rig the Bass Pro Stik-O is wacky style. I'm sure by now you have read many articles on wacky rigging but take this to heart, I don't think there is any better way to catch bass, especially if you don't have a lot of time. My favorite colors that you can never go wrong with is green pumpkin and anything pearl or white. I have had so much success this season with these colors I rarely threw anything else. The convenience of it is that they are easy to carry, and you don't need so many colors. The versatility? Well, just like the jig or spinnerbait, you can jig it, make long cast and swim it, pitch it, flip it. Your presentations are limitless.

Most of my success this year has been flipping the Stik-O, wacky rigged up against the shaded side of boat docks or up against pontoon boats. One thing that I found really helped me for casting distance or presentation has been pegging the Stik-O with an insert weight.

My favorite is the Tournament Series Stik-Os. They are inexpensive, durable and you get a lot in a bag. They hold up really well, I"ve caught several fish on one single Stik-O worm. I'm not alone in knowing these baits are a good value, Bass Pro Shops customer's rate them 4.8 out 5 stars.

So if you find yourself not having a lot of time to pack up your equipment for a trip or you just want to catch a few fish quickly, grab a bag of Stik-Os, insert weights and head to your favorite fishing hole. This has really paid off for me this summer!