When Your Mindset Can Muddy the Water

News & Tips: When Your Mindset Can Muddy the Water

So, I learned a valuable lesson while fishing, and here is how it went. I met up with my fishing partner at about 5:30 a.m. for a day on Trail Creek, in LaPorte County, Indiana. When we launched our boat, it was still prett dark outside, so seeing anything was very difficult.

Muddy Water

After we launched, we traveled the creek for about a half mile, at which time I dropped my trolling motor and we began fishing. Mind you, it was still pretty dark outside. I casted my 4 ¼-inch Bass Pro Shops Stick-O up toward a boat launch -- and bam! I hooked into a very nice largemouth. My partner and I commented on how this was going to be a good day. We continued up the creek, and in all, before the sun came up, we landed about 20 nice largemouth.

I remember the moment the sun began to rise: I looked at the water and noticed that it was very muddy. I recall that about two days prior, we had a heavy rain. Heavy rain has a tendency to muddy up the creeks here. In fact, the water was so dirty, I wouldn't have bothered to fish at all this particular day.

So what did I learn, and what does this have to do with your mindset?

How many times have you went fishing and had to fish muddy water? How many times have you said to yourself, "This just isn't going to be good"? I learned a valuable lesson, and it hit me like a ton of bricks! I'm guilty myself, I just don't like muddy water and I have opted not to fish on several occasions. When the sun came up and I saw the dirty water, I realized that all of the times that I didn't want to fish because of these conditions, It was simply my mindset. I always thought I was beat before the first cast. The fish we caught this particular day, didn't mind the muddy water at all. Remember, fish are use to these conditions and they are equipped with the necessary senses to locate and devour food sources.

Just a few pointers for fishing muddy water. When water begins to muddy up, fish will move close to cover as a means of feeling safe. This also makes a great ambush point for passing baitfish. I also like to slow down quite a bit, fish methodically, pick spots apart and make several casts from different angles. If you find some good cover, you can bet there are going to be fish in it. I also use a good fish attractant; there are several on the market. My favorite is YUM F2 or BANG. I prefer both brands in crawfish.

In all, I thought I would share this outing since I really learned a lot about how you can approach a day of fishing with a open mind. Muddy water doesn't have to be your enemy.

by Greg Miller