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Skeet Shooting Tips From a Pro

Cabela’s Pro Staffer and Olympic shooter Frank Thompson started shooting a shotgun in high school and never stopped. In this article Frank discusses the basics and provides tips for skeet shooting beginners.

After high school, he went to Colorado Springs, Colo., trained at the Olympic Center, and in 2012 made the U.S. Olympic team.

Finding the Best Shotgun for Your Needs – A Buyer's Guide

Seeing a clay bird shatter and spray like fireworks on the Fourth of July is bound to put a smile on any shooter's face. You're more likely to feel that thrill if you choose a shotgun that's right for you. Understanding the fundamental differences between shotgun types can help narrow your options and make your decision much easier.

Never Forget These Shotgun Shooting Basics (video)

Regardless of your abilities, there are some shotgun shooting basics to always remember when busting clays, upland game hunting, or waterfowl hunting. These basic tips will help you develop your shotgun shooting skills for success in the field and on the range.

3 Measurements Every Woman Hunter Should Know for Perfect Shotgun Fit (video)

For many women, their first hunting experience is done with a borrowed firearm. It makes sense for women hunters to give it a try without spending a lot of money. However, if you’ve fallen in love with getting outdoors, building new skills, and enjoying time with friends and family, it’s time to make an investment. A shotgun that fits you and your style of hunting can make a great outdoor experience even better.

Which is Best? 3 or 3 1/2 inch Shotgun Shells

The 3 1/2-inch 12-gauge "super magnum" was introduced about 25 years ago in response to waterfowlers having to switch to non-toxic shot alternatives, principally steel shot. As steel is lighter than lead, larger pellets are needed in order to match the performance of lead shot.

Muzzleloader Buyer's Guide

As whitetail deer populations continue to soar in many parts of the North, East and South, often near populated areas, more and more jurisdictions are adding primitive-weapons-only seasons. Out West, most States offer muzzleloader-only tags for elk and mule deer that are often much easier to obtain than modern rifle tags in the same areas.

Shotgun Stock Fitting

An ill-mannered 12 gauge jabbed my face repeatedly, and my cheek felt as though it had been in a fight -- 25 brutal onslaughts to be exact. Talk about taking it on the chin. The sporting clays range was quickly getting the better of me, or to be more precise, the standard field stock on my Browning Gold Fusion, designed to fit the masses, did not fit me. My cheek was sore, and the thought of doing this again next week was not an inviting one.