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3 Indoor Shooting Drills: Improve Your Accuracy Without Firing a Single Round

Practicing with your firearm and live ammunition—whether at a shooting range or in the field—is unquestionably the best training for hunting season and shooting scenarios. However, if getting outside is difficult to accomplish, these 3 indoor shooting drills will allow you to improve your accuracy without stepping outside or burning a single live round.

Choose the Right Sporting Clays Shotgun (video)

Thinking about busting some clays at your local range but don’t know where to start? The first step is determining if you want to pursue shooting sporting clays as a hobby or if you’re approaching it as hunting practice. Then you’ll want to select a gun to match.

Bass Pro Shops Christmas Gift Guide for Target Shooters

Across the country, the popularity of the shooting sports continues to grow.  Men, women, youngsters are all enjoying competitive, tactical, and recreational shooting in greater numbers than ever before.  Hundreds of thousands joined the ranks last year. So chances are pretty good you have shooters – especially new shooters – on your Christmas gift-giving list.  Bass Pro Shops is here to help with gear to earn you big smiles and warm hugs when the wrappings come off.

Plinking Targets Helps Develop Skills – And is Also Really Fun!

According to a report from the National Shooting Sports Foundations, there are more target shooters in America than there are people in New York state. I'm not surprised. Target shooting, or informal "plinking", not only helps develop the essential skills used in hunting and more serious target shooting, but it's good practice and just plain fun.