Choose the Right Sporting Clays Shotgun (video)

News & Tips: Choose the Right Sporting Clays Shotgun (video)...

Thinking about busting some clays at your local range but don’t know where to start? The first step is determining if you want to pursue shooting sporting clays as a hobby or if you’re approaching it as hunting practice. Then you’ll want to select a gun to match.

If you’re shooting clays as a hobby of its own, you should use a sporting clays gun. Serious clay shooters arm themselves with specially designed shotguns—complete with ported barrels, optimized stock configurations and other features.

Hunters looking to polish their waterfowl or upland abilities will want to shoot sporting clays with the shotgun they plan to use in the field. This will allow you to simulate hunting situations while becoming more comfortable with your gun.

1 arrow point Check out this video form Allen Treadwell sharing Sport Clay Shooting Tips.

Ultimately, you have to decide which is more important, high scores at the range or a limit in the field.

By Larry Whiteley, Host of the award winning
Outdoor World Radio



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