Small Game

Hunting Snowshoe Hares the Hard Way

Winter in the north can be an awfully long season. Ice fishing, tying flies and the planning of hunts certainly make it more enjoyable, but sometimes even these things won't cure cabin fever. That's when I go hunting for snowshoe hares.  

Hunting Squirrels During the Winter

Hunting bushytails during the harsh winter months is tough. Early in the season, squirrels seem to be everywhere. Food supplies are abundant, squirrels are less wary, and leafy branches restrict the game's vision, allowing for closer, easier stalks. The solution for bagging squirrels during this time is simple — find a patch of hardwoods and start hunting.

Bushytail Basics & Squirrel Hunting Tips

If you're a squirrel hunter, every once in a while it pays to "go back to the basics." No matter how much you know, or think you know, about squirrel hunting, a thorough review of the fundamentals almost always improves success.