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Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog - Such a Realistic Fishing Lure It Makes Bass Go Berserk

Ask anglers to describe their favorite fishing technique and the consensus will unanimously land on topwater. Prod a little further and most will disclose an affinity for tossing frogs.

5 Proven Baits Sure to Hook Fall Smallmouth Bass

As the water cools and leaves change color, smallmouth bass begin to feed voraciously — bulking up for the long winter that lies ahead. It is also a timely coincidence that football season is in full swing, as many giants you hook will resemble the gluttonous shape of the symbolic pigskin.

Product Review: Bass Pro Shops Round Head Pro Jighead

When shopping for jig heads I like to hunt for the best value. Part of this is likely because I grew up shore-fishing a river and had rocky snags claim countless jigs I had saved my hard-earned allowance money to buy. One thing I won't do, though, is cut corners when it comes to hook quality.

Score More Big Bass With These 4 Flipping Jig Trailers

Flipping jigs account for more big bass than most lures on the market. The weedless design allows an angler to probe the thickest junk that fish hide out in, while tempting them with a life-like profile and action that largemouths can't resist.

A Guide to Specialty Fish Hooks and How to Use Them

Angling tactics are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Not surprisingly, hooks are becoming more refined to keep up with these presentation innovations. The following is a sampling of popular specialty fishing hooks.

Specialty Fishng Hooks

Understanding the Anatomy of a Fishing Hook

Hooks are an important part of your angling arsenal. This guide breaks down the common terms used to describe fish hooks, and what they mean. This is important information to know so you can make informed purchases when it's time to stock-up with hooks to cover a range of fishing scenarios.

Anatomy of a Fishing Hook

How to Fish a Twister Tail Grub for Bass

As a change of pace, my friend Tom Ference and I fished a medium-sized creek over the Fourth of July weekend. Not only did we avoid the holiday congestion of nearby lakes, we enjoyed quality fishing for smallmouth bass. And I was reminded of an offering often overlooked by anglers, myself included: the use of the standard twister tail grub as a swimbait.