Wildlife Management

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Amazing Antlers! Keys To Age Bucks And Food Plot Facts (video)

August 9, 2016
From GrowingDeer.tv: There is more to aging a buck than antlers! Grant shares what to look for to age bucks. Then more food plot facts and tips.  Get the most out of your fall food plots with the…
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Wildlife Research & International Conservation Challenges on Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio

August 3, 2016
Joining host Rob Keck on Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio this week is Shane Mahoney, a former Chief of Wildlife Research of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, he's also the founder and…
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Easy Food Plots and Deer Hunting Strategies (video)

August 1, 2016
The GrowingDeer.tv team shares an experiment with a new technique for planting food plots. It  paid off with very promising results: see this innovative alternative for quick and easy fall food plots…
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Deer Hunting Strategies: Finding the Limited Resource (video)

July 21, 2016
Deer hunting tips from GrowingDeer.tv: The best strategies for deer hunting include finding the limited resource during the hunting season. Watch to see how to identify the limited resources along…
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Hunters & Habitat: The Perfect Partnership

August 27, 2015
Earlier this year my frequent grouse hunting partner Art Hamley and I spent a day chasing old ruff on various parcels within an extensive state-owned public hunting area in western Pennsylvania. What…
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Deer Management: Fired Up For Better Deer Habitat (video)

April 16, 2015
The team at GrowingDeerTV shows why prescribed fire is worth the effort for better whitetail habitat. Watch this episode as they checkout areas burned late last summer for a growing season fire. Plus…
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Spring Deer Management: Making & Maintaining Food Plots (video)

April 10, 2015
The team at GrowingDeerTV shares the importance of keeping minerals out year round (begins :58) and how they are making a small food plot in an area that proved to be a hunting hot spot this past…
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Winter Food Plot Combinations That Work for Whitetails (video)

March 5, 2015
Just as important as feeding deer is taking care of the soil. Dr. Grant Woods, Wildlife Biologist The food plot experts at www.GrowingDeer.tv show the best winter food plots that will feed deer in a…
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Prescribed Fire: Improving Whitetail Habitat (video)

February 27, 2015
Dr. Grant Woods, Wildlife Biologist uses prescribed-fire as a habitat tool on his Missouri property. The wildlife professionals at GrowingDeer.tv bring you this video with basic how to information…
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Hold em’ or Fold em’: Playing the Hand You’re Dealt to Harvest Bigger Bucks

December 30, 2014
On an evening just after a full moon I sat overlooking a lush food plot.  The field was full of familiar greenery, complete with strips of corn running right down the middle. Suddenly a doe burst…
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Deer Season: My Biggest Buck Hit List & Tips on Food Plots and Tree Plots (video)

September 12, 2014
  Dr. Grant Woods prefers to hunt mature bucks by studying individuals in an effort to gain a pattern to them based on their behavior. Our Hit List is getting serious.  Watch this episode to see the…
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Hunting Big Bucks This Season, Or NOT?

September 5, 2014
  Dr. Grant Woods shows video of a possible hit list buck for 2014. After a brief Labor Day greeting, Dr. Woods starts to introduce the 2014 Big Buck Hit List.  The biggest mature buck on the…