Muskie angler at Lake Shelbyville holding a muskie

Best Places to Fish in Illinois: Lake Shelbyville

June 18, 2020
Lake Shelbyville is one of Illinois’ premier fishing resources and is recognized for its largemouth bass, crappie, white bass, muskie and walleye opportunities. Crappie are the main attraction on…
News & Tips: The Most Important Thing You Can Do for Whitetail Deer...

The Most Important Thing You Can Do for Whitetail Deer

March 10, 2014
It may be the off-season for deer hunters but now is the time to do one of the most important things of the whole year for your white-tailed deer herd. Grant Woods checking out his hugh set of shed…
News & Tips: Wing and a Prayer

Wing and a Prayer

November 29, 2013
This season started with a bang! The pun is intended. As a member of the RedHead Field Staff hunting team, I look forward to waterfowl season all year long. As much as I love to fish, watching geese…

Private Land Conservation Programs

May 24, 2013
Steven discusses the importance of private lands conservation programs in the Farm Bill and their role in ensuring hunting and fishing opportunities in the Driftless Area of Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois…
News & Tips: Winter Coyote Hunt & Tips for Frost Seeding Food Plots...

Winter Coyote Hunt & Tips for Frost Seeding Food Plots

March 4, 2013
As a huge snow front sweeps across the Midwest, we team up with the guys from Winchester ammo and try to pound some predators! Then we head back to The Proving Grounds to take advantage of the…
News & Tips: Tools and Tips for Managing Whitetails...

Tools and Tips for Managing Whitetails

February 25, 2013
Off season management continues here on The Proving Grounds as we fill the Redneck feeders with Record Rack feeds. Then I take you inside the science of soil and what it all means for growing antlers…