Jim Crowley

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10 years 11 months

Home: Bloomington, Illinois
(wife) Darla, my Labrador Retriever, Chesney
Hunting, Fishing, Shooting
Rifle / Bow:
Shot gun


Hunting Stuff


Years Hunting: 10 years
Favorite Technique:
Whatever situation calls for to be successful
Hunting Strength:
Adapting to conditions
Favorite Game to Hunt:
Favorite Hunting Gear:
Entire Redhead line of products (not kidding!)
Favorite Places to Hunt
Favorite Season to Hunt:
Fall / Winter
Favorite Time to Hunt: Sunrise
Favorite Way to Hunt: Layout Blind


Career Highlights

IDNR Certified Wing Shooting Instructor
Avid Outdoorsman and Wildlife Photographer
Outdoor writer for Midwest Outdoors Magazine TV Show
Host of Hookandhunttv.com

Biggest Kill: Black Bear
Greatest Hunting Achievement: First Turkey
Favorite Hunting Moment: Anytime Geese are coming to decoys over water. It just does something to me. Love it!