Grizzly Bears

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10 Awesome Videos of Bears Gone Wild

June 20, 2014
Those silly bears. To them, it's their world and we're just living in it. From late spring through summer, bear sightings caught on camera show us the cuteness, strength, determination and sometimes…
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5 Tips to Avoid Bear Encounters (and Attacks)

June 14, 2014
You're hiking toward a distant fishing hole when the trail makes a sharp turn and you come face to face with a bear hunkered over a freshly killed deer. It raises up on hind legs, mouth covered in…
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Canadian Alliance Creates Plan to Save Grizzlies

May 20, 2014
A British Columbia alliance group is creating a plan to save grizzly bears by persuading more hunters to put down their guns in exchange for cameras. Image courtesy of Spirit Bear Adventures…
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What is it Like to be in the Mouth of a Grizzly? (video)

May 31, 2013
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in the mouth of a grizzly? Well one outdoor adventurer and camera guy was able to get footage of such an encounter when his Go Pro camera was…