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News & Tips: A Guide to Getting Your Boat & Trailer Ready for Summer (video)...

A Guide to Getting Your Boat & Trailer Ready for Summer (video)

March 1, 2014
A couple hours dedicated to insure both boat and trailer are ready for the water is a wise investment in time, one likely to pay dividends in hassle-free boating and fishing throughout the season.…
Man prepping boat motor for winter

6 Basic Steps to Winterizing Your Boat, Trailer & Motor

November 13, 2013
As the days grow shorter and winter's chill begins to take hold, the sad task of preparing the boat for its yearly hibernation has once again arrived. Winterizing your boat is a necessary step to…
News & Tips: Boat Trailer Accessory Buyer's Guide

Boat Trailer Accessory Buyer's Guide

July 7, 2013
When outfitting your boat trailer, security and safety are two important factors to keep in mind. Many boaters can recall the serenity of quiet mornings, clear skies and calm water. The flipside to…
News & Tips: How to Measure Boat Trailer Tongue Weight...

How to Measure Boat Trailer Tongue Weight

June 21, 2013
Pulling a trailered boat or ATV is a fact of life for anglers and hunters. Checking tie downs, lights, and ensuring a secured load is a daily safety check before each of our adventures. For many,…
News & Tips: Boat Trailer Preventive Maintenance

Boat Trailer Preventive Maintenance

June 12, 2013
Damaged tire and rim with grease splattered when the hub hit the highway. Ever had your boat trailer break down on the highway? Such an event can get ugly really quick — even make the local papers…
News & Tips: Bass Boat Buying Guide

Bass Boat Buying Guide

June 10, 2013
Fishing has gotten good on your favorite lake, and you've been bitten hard by the bass boat bug. A bass boat is a major purchase -- perhaps the biggest recreational purchase you'll ever make.…