Break Tradition With Lipless Crankbaits for Warm Water Walleyes

News & Tips: Break Tradition With Lipless Crankbaits for Warm Water Walleyes...

BreakTraditionLiplessCrankbaitsWarmWaterEyes blogTraditionally thought of as a mainstream bass lure, in select situations the lipless crankbait is effective in triggering walleye strikes.

In the warm water of late spring and summer, lipless cranks closely mimic the profile and movement of baitfish walleyes prey on. And make no mistake, walleyes are indeed an aggressive predator. The correlation of walleyes responding only to natural bait presented on fine bait rigs doesn't apply to active fish holding in shallow feeding lies. When walleyes are up-and-at-'em, a lipless crankbait can be the go-to lure. Models best suited for walleyes vary in weight from quarter- to half-ounce.

In lakes that feature submerged vegetation, walleyes make good use of such cover throughout the warm weather months. Submerged weeds like milfoil, coontail and various forms of pondweed play host to baitfish and also provide walleyes with edges that serve as ambush points.

Many a bass angler can attest to a summertime walleye crushing a rattlebait (or spinnerbait) worked along a weed edge. These catches aren't flukes. Walleye anglers can enjoy some great sport by working weedbeds with a lipless crankbait.

Lipless cranks excel at plucking walleyes out of weed growth by running the lure over the top of the cover and along the outside edge. Invariably you are going to pick up some greenery, but as you get the feel for how a weedbed lays, you will be able to pick out the correct angle and retrieve speed for fishing relatively weed-free. When the lure hangs, give it a quick snap to jerk it free, an action that sometimes triggers a crushing hit from an 'eye.