Find Walleye Hot Spots

News & Tips: Gear You Need for Walleye Fishing

In early summer, if you’re not where lots of walleyes are actively feeding, you need to move. June is a time of transition for walleye so you need to be ready to move to another spot until you find them

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if the walleyes aren't biting, try a different spot, try fishing deeper or try different lures.

You may think the walleye are there and you’re just not catching them because of your lure or presentation. While that is possible, more than likely they’re just not there.

Try a different spot and try fishing deeper with different lures. Remember, walleye like a steady progression from shallow to deep.

Also, try fishing farther down a drop off or structure that’s five or ten feet deeper. If you have had an unusually hot spring, head directly to the deep spots.

All the hard work and effort to catch a walleye is worth it when you take that first bite
of fried golden brown walleye filet.

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