How to Catch Late Summer Walleyes With Shiver Minnows (video)

News & Tips: How to Catch Late Summer Walleyes With Shiver Minnows (video)...

This time of year can be challenging for walleye fishermen. However, jigging Moonshine Shiver Minnows over deep structure in late summer has proved to be a great tactic for provoking bites the past few years.

The Technique to Use

moonshine minnow
Mooneshine Shiver Minnow is a great choice in any season for walleyes, bass, trout, pike, crappies, etc.

I’ve found that the best way to use these minnow-shaped baits is by working them in a “walk-the-dog” type motion, followed with a glide. When you cast your Shiver Minnow out you will want to let it hit the bottom. Then sweep your rod up about three feet. The sweep should be aggressive, almost to the point of snapping it up. This motion will cause the lure to dart out to the side. I like to use a rod with a good backbone and a flexible tip like the 6’8” Medium Johnny Morris Carbonlite Series Spinning Rod (JCL68MSXF).

Following the lift, you will want to drop the tip of your rod to give it slack. This allows the bait to turn around and glide to the center as you reel up the slack line. Right before your lure hits the bottom, repeat this cadence 2 to 5 times. By keeping your bait off of the bottom, it will help keep weeds and moss off the lure. It will also keep it in the strike zone of the fish.

The Rod to Use

On the last rip, hold the rod tip up, letting the bait glide to the bottom. Almost all the bites will come on the glide. You will notice the weight on the line when you go to start the next cadence. This is when you set the hook!

mustad kvd treble hook
Mustad UltraPoint KVD Elite Triple Grip 1X Treble Hook


The Hook to Use

These lures were originally designed for ice fishing. I like to swap out the “ice fishing” treble hook with the customer top rated Mustad UltraPoint KVD Elite Triple Grip Treble Hook (TG76NP-BN), which can be found at Bass Pro Shops.

For a #2 Shiver Minnow you should use an “O” ring with a #6 hook. Use a #6 hook for a #3 Shiver Minnow.

1 arrow point  Take a look at the video below showing the larger hook on the Shiver Minnow and how it helps keep the fish hooked.

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