Gary Parson's Fishing Tips for River Walleyes

News & Tips: Gary Parson's Fishing Tips for River Walleyes...

walleye riverSome great fishing for river walleyes can be had right from the bank by fishing eddies where you find holding spots where the current swirls back on itself behind an obstruction. Simply start on the downstream side of the swirl, then take a step or two upstream and cast. Keep repeating until you’ve covered the entire eddy. Catching walleyes is rarely difficult; finding them is. On a strange body of water, you would be better off taking one day just to scout the lake, using electronics to locate fish or likely cover. Once you put in your scouting time, you’ll fish more efficiently and effectively. Don’t fish memories. Walleyes could be literally miles from the point that you caught a limit last year or last week. Walleyes aren’t loyal to areas, only food. Once you recognize that, your success will improve.

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by Gary Parsons