5 Tips to Crankbait Walleye

News & Tips: 5 Tips to Crankbait Walleye

crankbaits walleyeWhen in doubt about what bait to us in the fall for walleye, it's never a bad idea to imitate their main prey. In the fall, that's minnows. And one of the best minnow imitators around is the crankbait.

  1. You can cast and retrieve a crankbait, or troll it behind the boat. Whatever you do, don't move too fast.

  2. Walleyes are feeding in the fall, but they're a little sluggish as the water cools down.

  3. Tie on a crankbait with a slow and wide wobble, which will appear to a walleye as an easy meal.

  4. If walleyes are suspended, xast or troll your crankbaits so they run at the same depth-or just above the depth-the walleyes are holding.

  5. If they are in shalow water use a crankbait that dives a little deeper than the depth of water in which you are fishing. This will cause the crankbait to root around the bottom and act in an erratic fashion as you retrieve it.

Gary Parsons is a member of the Bass Pro Shops National Fishing Team

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