Fall Walleye Fishing Tips

News & Tips: Fall Walleye Fishing Tips

walleyeWalleyes are often concentrated in specific areas in the fall, like sharp-breaking drop-offs and along the edges of deep underwater humps and reefs waiting for a potential meal to swim by.

When you find walleyes in this situation, fish directly over the top of them with a lead-head jig tipped with a minnow, leech, or nightcrawler, or a jigging spoon, and drop the lure to the depth the walleyes are holding. Raise your bait a few feet, and then let it drop. Walleyes often will hit as it is falling.

While bigger lures are more effective in the fall, use the thinnest-diameter fishing line you can get away with. Most times, 8-lb. test line is as heavy as you need to go, since most of the walleyes you will be targeting are away from cover and other items that could break your line.

Gary Parsons is a member of the Bass Pro Shops National Fishing Team

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