Walleye Tackle - Fishing Tip (video)

News & Tips: Walleye Tackle - Fishing Tip (video)

Walleye fishing tackle is becoming more specialized every day, but it’s still among the simplest of rigs you can buy. One of the best all-around
combinations is a six-foot, lightor medium-action spinning rod like the Bass Pro Shops Walleye Angler Spinning Rod with an open-face reel balanced to the rod. When you shop for outfits like this, select a reel that comes with a spare line spool. Fill one spool with six pound test, the other with eight pound test.

When choosing fishing line, look for thin line that is fairly limp.Although this kind of line may not transmit strikes as well as stiffer lines, it allows you to cast farther and present baits more naturally. And don’t forget to check and re-tie your fishing knots often.

Fishing Tip: Bass Pro Shops Walleye Angler Series Rods