Examples of Turkey Sounds for Calling Turkey

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Spring turkey hunting season is nearly here – how have you started to prepare for the season?

Hopefully in addition to doing some scouting, engaging in research and working on getting your shotgun patterned, you’ve also shopped for turkey calls on https://www.basspro.com and practiced your turkey calling.

Need help getting started?  Learn more in our turkey calling tips outlined below:

Listen to the Turkey's Range of Sounds

One cannot begin to practice turkey calling without fully understanding the game’s range of sounds. Discover the rhythm, tone, repetition and volume of the calls, and take special note of what is associated with each sound.

Three examples and descriptions of turkey sounds follow, courtesy of the National Wild Turkey Federation; visit the site of the NWTF for a full index of 14 different turkey sounds. Sounds provided by Denny Gulvas of Gulvas Wildlife Adventures.

The turkey cluck consists of one or more short, staccato notes. The plain cluck often includes two or three single note clucks. It's generally used by one bird to get the attention of another and a good call to reassure an approaching gobbler that a hen is waiting for him. This is a great call while trying to encourage gobbler to come into range if he starts to hang up. It can also be used while birds are still on the roost to subtly let a gobbler know you are there.

“Turkey Purring is a soft, rolling call turkeys make when content. It is a low vocal communication designed to keep the turkeys in touch and often is made by feeding birds. This is not a loud call, but is good for reassuring turkeys as they get close to your position.”

“The turkey cluck and purr is a cluck followed by a rolling, almost staccato call. It is often associated with flock talk or the feeling of contentment. Typically not a loud call, though sometimes it can be amplified, it is good for reassuring turkeys as they get close to your position.

Find more Wild Turkey Sounds at NWTF here

Select the Best Turkey Call for You

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WoodHaven Custom Calls Slate Friction Turkey Call

Turkey hunters have a wide variety of calling methods and tools from which to choose and can shop turkey hunting gear on basspro.com.

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Test out turkey hunting calls including slate friction calls, diaphragm or mouth turkey calls, push-button turkey calls; a wealth of tutorials specific to call types exist online and, at the National Wild Turkey Federation website.

Take your time with this process, as trial and error is the best way to find what works for you.

Practice Your Turkey Calling

Once you’ve prepared, practice, practice, practice. Revisit turkey call recordings to ensure that your calls match up with the real ones. If possible, get together with an experienced hunter who can help to critique your calls.

For more helpful information on hunting turkey and other outdoor activities, please browse the array of tips available on the Bass Pro Shops 1Source website.