Prep for Turkey Season by Practicing Your Shooting While Sitting

News & Tips: Prep for Turkey Season by Practicing Your Shooting While Sitting...

Remember when planning your spring turkey hunting tactics that you’ll be sitting down on the job. That means you should step off distances and find maximum range markers when possible before taking a seat.

turkey springYour judging skills will be poorer from the lower position and these measured and marks can tell you when a gobbler is in range.

Sometimes, you’ll be shooting a walking bird from a sitting position, too, and that’s a big switch for hunters used to swinging on upland game or waterfowl.

You need to practice shooting sitting down and looking down with the barrel at a turkey’s head. It’s a different game. I’ve had some of the best shotgun shooters in the country, guys that don’t ever miss at skeet or trap and hardly ever miss a duck or a dove, sit there and miss turkeys that were standing still 5 yards from them.

Consider this turkey hunting tip and practice shooting while sitting.

By Larry Whiteley, Host of the award winning
Outdoor World Radio