Using Woodsmanship Skills to Hunt Turkeys

News & Tips: Using Woodsmanship Skills to Hunt Turkeys...

turkey pines2If you want to be a good turkey hunter, you need to learn good woodsmanship. It’s as important, or maybe more so, than being a good caller. Woodmanship skills will help you entice a gobbler to an area where he is more likely to go.

Being a good woodsman means learning to identify turkey hotspots such as where they roost, water, feed, and their different strutting areas. Finding the roost is your first step to success.

Finding where they water and feed will certainly come in handy, too, but always remember, a gobbler usually doesn’t move far from his strut zones. When a tom approaches, then suddenly turns, he has probably heard another hen closer to his strut zone.

Finding the strut zones will improve your chances of taking a gobbler this spring.

By Larry Whiteley, Host of the award winning
Outdoor World Radio