Tips for Introducing Kids to Turkey Hunting

News & Tips: Tips for Introducing Kids to Turkey Hunting...

turkey kid girlAre you taking a child on their first turkey hunt this year? Make sure they have a shotgun that fits. Buy a youth model or trim the stock of a full-size gun. A 20-gauge shotgun is best for most younger kids and will take a turkey with good shot placement.

Before you take a youngster on an actual hunt, be sure and teach them safe gun handling. Show them how to pattern the shotgun and let them practice shooting.

During the turkey hunt, place them tightly by your side or inside your knees. Help them align the shotgun on the incoming turkey and prearrange a signal for when they should fire.

If they are lucky enough to get one, they will be thrilled. Let them admire the bird, smooth its feathers, feel its beard and spurs, and take lots of pictures.

Let them see how proud you are even if they weren’t successful, and you will have a hunting buddy for life.

By Larry Whiteley, Host of the award winning
Outdoor World Radio