How to Use a Turkey Wing to Call Gobblers In

News & Tips: How to Use a Turkey Wing to Call Gobblers In...

1 turkey side view hunterNext time you head for the turkey woods, take some wings with you—not the BBQ kind, but a real turkey wing from a past successful hunt.

Wings have been used for a long time by turkey hunters to make a flapping sound as they do fly-down calls, but here is another way you can use them.

Set up within about 100 yards of a roosted gobbler and gently tap and scrape your wing against a tree as you yelp and cluck. That sounds to the gobbler like a hen stirring and preening on her roost limb as she begins to wake up. It will definitely get the gobbler’s interest. Now, wait a minute or two and then flap the wing as you do a fly-down cackle.

Mixing the natural sounds of turkey wings and calls is pretty hard for any gobbler to resist.

By Larry Whiteley, Host of the award winning
Outdoor World Radio