Prepare for Turkey Season

News & Tips: Prepare for Turkey Season

Things to do before heading out into the turkey woods.

Before you head out to the turkey woods, be sure and pattern your gun. I don't care how long you have hunted with it, you still need to pattern it every year, especially if you've switched to a different size shot or even the same as you always use but different brands. Even little things can throw your pattern off.

You may think you know how to judge the range in a turkey woods, but get a rangefinder anyway so you're not guessing and will know when a turkey is in clean shooting range.

If a big Tom hangs up out of range and no amount of calling will entice him in, then just quit calling. Wait a little while and his curiosity might get the best of him.

You can also try moving away from the Tom and then calling again. That might get him thinking the hen is leaving and he will rush on in.

Larry Whiteley is host of the award winning
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