Tips for Turkey Hunting

News & Tips: Tips for Turkey Hunting

Many turkey hunters come home without a gobbler because of silly little mistakes like waiting until the bird was in full view before raising their gun. When the bird is approaching, get your gun up and poised long before you can see the gobble and never sit where a tree or brush in front of you is so close that it obstructs the swing of your gun.

Before making a call trying to locate a bird, find a place nearby where you can plop down quickly. Many gobblers survive because they were close when the call was made and the hunter couldn’t get into a good setup position soon enough.

Getting impatient and deciding to move to a different spot has probably spooked more gobblers that were slowly coming in than anything. Staying longer is better than leaving too soon, so learn to be patient.

Larry Whiteley is host of the award winning
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