Keeping Saltwater Reels, Rods & Lures Clean

News & Tips: Keeping Saltwater Reels, Rods & Lures Clean...

 Saltwater FishingMost of the latest saltwater fishing reels, rods and lures are made of high-quality, non-corrosive materials – but that doesn’t mean that anglers can skip on maintenance.


Below are steps recommended for anglers to follow during and after each saltwater fishing trip to keep reels, rods and lures in tip-top shape:



  • Every so often while fishing, spray reels with fresh water or dunk in a bucket of fresh water, and gently wipe dry to remove excess salt buildup.
  • After fishing, cut away the section of fishing line used that day. Then remove the reel from the rod, carefully rinse your reels with fresh water and wipe down with a cotton cloth.



  • After returning from the fishing trip, clipping lines and removing reels, wash saltwater rods with warm water and gentle soap. Rinse and thoroughly dry and never store your rods before cleaning as corrosion of parts could occur.



  • While fishing, dunk lures into a bucket of fresh water and blot dry with a sponge every now and then.
  • After fishing: Do not store saltwater lures in tackle box until after they’ve been thoroughly cleaned. Instead, store them together in another container while driving home. You want to be careful not to get small amounts of saltwater in the tackle box and on the clean lures. It doesn't take much saltwater to ruin a box of lures.
  • Once home, wash them carefully with gentle soap like baby shampoo and fresh water, scrubbing gently with a toothbrush to remove corrosive saltwater in nooks and crannies. Wipe dry, then store in your tackle box.

In addition, be sure to carefully inspect and re-lubricate reel gears as needed during fishing season. And finally, before you pack your reels away for the off season, be sure to remove and throw away all the unused line on your reels.


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