Twenty-First Century Coyotes

News & Tips: Twenty-First Century Coyotes

Wildlife CallCoyote hunting has really become a very scientific sport in the past few years. Not only have our electronic calling abilities gone from heavy batteries with cassette tapes and 50 feet or more of tangled speaker wires, to light-weight wireless digital calls with built-in speakers – in addition,  our choice of hand-held and electronic predator calls as a whole has more than quadrupled in the marketplace in just the past five years.

The late, great Johnny Stewart was the pioneer of electronic predator calls more than 40 years ago. When you put in a Johnny Stewart cassette tape, the sounds that you heard were the actual animal that was recorded and not someone making the distress call and recording it – they were real.

Now fast forward to the digital age of today. Johnny Stewart’s digital call the Jury is tops in its class, packing many features that other calls in its price range do not. Powered by eight AA or eight C batteries, it gives you six to eight hours of run time. The Jury has 128MB of storage with 25 preloaded sounds and your choice to customize your calling by downloading more than 25 different sounds from the Hunter’s Specialties website ( In addition, it boasts a compact, 12-key wireless remote with a range of 75 yards, plus the option of playing two sounds at the same time from its nine-watt, omni-directional speaker that doesn’t sound like a tin can.

So if you’re looking to buy a wireless digital call, take a look at the lineup from Johnny Stewart, starting with the Jury and then up to the Bloodhound, then the Gallows, and the top of the line, the Executioner. I know you won’t be disappointed with the user friendliness and the authentic sounds, plus all that you get for the price.  

Hunt hard & shoot straight,

Mark Campagnola