Mark Campagnola

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11 years 8 months

Home: Aurora, Colorado
Family: Marries with two sons
Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Photography & Woodworking

Hunting Stuff

Years Hunting: I started small game hunting whin I was 10, 38 years ago. I was able to start hunting deeer and elk when I turned 14 which was the legal age for big game in Colorado 34 years ago. But whn I was 12 & 13 I got to go elk camp and walked with my dad to learn. This year is my 19th year hunting turkeys
Favorite Technique:
Calling animals into bow or shotgun range. When you call a bull elk or a tom turkey in close you are reversing Mother nature.
Hunting Strength: Patience, without it I would not have killed some of the animals I have.
Favorite Game to Hunt: Number 1 is elk but a very close second is turkey.
Favorite Hunting Gear: RedHead, after 34 years of chasing elk and having used many different manufactures of gear, I ahve found that Redhead out lasts all of them. From my hiking boots to my day pack to all my clothing I have yet to have any gear failure. Whether it is 100 degrees during the summer or 25 below wind chill during the winter hunting coyotes. I am 100% satisfied.
Favorite Places to Hunt: Colorado for Elk, Texas for Turkey.
Favorite Season to Hunt: Spring turkey when everything is greening up after a dreary winter, then early fall when the elk are bugling and the leaves are changing colors.
Favorite Time to Hunt: I like morning hunting because if I'm on an animal I will hav a good 8 hours to work my way in for a shot before sunset.
Favorite Way to Hunt: Hunting elk I would say 90 percent of the time I'm on the ground. I like the challenge of calling but if I finda a wallow that's being used I'll put a treestand in if the trees are close enough plus big enough for a stand. If I can't put a stand in I'll make a ground blind. Treestands are deadly for elk because they haven't learned to look up like whitetails do. But, if you make any noise they are not used to hearing, they will look up to see what it is they hear. Same wiht turkey only no treestands.

Career Highlights

Biggest Kill: My biggest bull elk and first bull elk with a bow was a 6x6 which I shot out of a treestand. My biggest turkey was a nice Rio from Texas with a thick 9 3/4" beard and 1 1/4" spurs
Greatest Hunting Achievement:
Becoming Pro Staff with Hunter's Specialties, Bass Pro/RedHead, Montana Decoys and G5 Outdoors.
Favorite Hunting Moment:
I would say when my oldest son shot his frist turkey with my old 20 gauge Mossberg when he was 10. It was a very nice Merriam's with a 9 1/" beard and 3/4" spurs.
Pro Staff Member With: Hunter's Specialties, Bass Pro Shops RedHead Pro Staff, Pro Staff Montana Decoys, Pro Staff G5 Outdoors and HECS Stealth Screen