Outdoor Survival Guide: 5 Everyday Items Repurposed for Survival

News & Tips: Outdoor Survival Guide: 5 Everyday Items Repurposed for Survival...

With a little creativity, even the most mundane items can be used for other than their intended purposes -- and that even extends to uses for survival in the outdoors.

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Though an outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman) will hopefully never have to rely on the following everyday objects in an emergency situation, it’s always interesting to see ways that common items can be repurposed and used in a pinch. 

Below are six everyday items that can be used for survival outdoors, on a hunt or fishing:

1) Socks -- When in a survival situation, one thing you absolutely cannot be without is water. To filter impurities from water fetched from natural sources, first filter it through the fabric of a sock. Then purify the water by boiling over a fire.

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2) Dishwashing gloves -- Wear dishwashing gloves to protect your hands while cleaning a deer or other game. When you’re through, just dispose of the gloves properly and thoroughly wash your hands.

3) Dental floss -- In a bind, dental floss can be used as twine or fishing line.

4) Bandana -- A bandana can be used not only as a sweatband or a tissue, but also as a makeshift sling for any arm injuries suffered in the outdoors. And, like a sock, it can also be used to filter impurities from water.

5) Garbage bags -- Heavy-duty garbage bags are useful in a variety of ways. They can serve as a barrier between hunters and the elements, both as a poncho while on the go and as a drop cloth for sitting upon. In addition, these garbage bags can be used to collect the precious resource of water, as it can easily catch both snow and rainwater.

Resourcefulness -- When you’ve arrived back home from a hunt, store your ammo with rice. Why? Uncooked rice can work as a stand-in for desiccant packs, keeping your gun ammo nice and dry.