Muskies on the Back Cast

Muskies on the back cast

As a long-time guide, I fished from the back of the boat to give my clients first water ... I still fish in the back. A disadvantage to an extent with real active fish, but something I learned while fishing from the back of the boat, is still very effective today ... and something I think few people do. It's especially effective with twitched crank baits.

It's simply casting back behind the boat – in the path of the boat – with varying angles at times. It works ... and people get in the rut (me included to this day) of just casting straight ahead only.

My theories on why it works: Often, fish follow lures – some seen and some not – and they're still roaming behind the boat. Here comes a presentation at a different angle in a different depth. Also, at times I believe it presents a better view or angle for a fish that is hanging a little deeper ... that may have had its interest piqued by a lure buzzing overhead – but one that didn't offer the fish a high-percentage attack angle/distance. Best times to try it are after a follow, or any time there is a distinct structural oddity that may hold fish: a small rock or weed finger, a thick patch of weeds or a stump/s. Try it.

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by Pete Maina