Product Showcase - Primos Rack-N-Roll Rattling System Deer Call

News & Tips: Product Showcase - Primos Rack-N-Roll Rattling System Deer Call...

Any hunter worth their camouflage knows that rattling whitetail bucks is an effective deer hunting tactic. When the rut is in full swing, it will often lure those dominant bucks to close range — eager to check out what all the fuss is about. Up until now, carrying a cumbersome set of antlers to the treestand was your only choice. The latest release from Primos, the Rack-N-Roll Rattling System Deer Call, promises to change that.

deer call

Primos Rack-N-Roll Rattling System Deer Call creates loud, realistic rattling and allows for one-handed operation.

Big Sound in a Small Package

The Rack-N-Roll by Primos is a new rattling system unlike any you have held. This 'hand-sized' product is the result of independently testing the recording of two 140-inch bucks fighting — and breaking it down to replicate the exact tone and frequency.

Individually tuned nodes were then created to realistically mimic the exact sounds of real antlers coming together. The plastic body and nodes produce loud and clear notes and cover the frequency of both base and tines. Hard to think when looking at it, but they dialed the sound in perfectly.

Ease of Use

Considering how bulky real antlers are to carry and handle, the Rack-N-Roll definitely has many advantages. It is easy to pack and handle. But its best benefit is it can be strapped to your leg, allowing you to work it with one hand while holding your gun or bow in the other. It’s the only rattling system on the market that allows you to do this.

The leg strap is comfortable and not restrictive. Just this week I hiked over five miles while wearing the system. No issues were noted. Another neat thing about this product is how quiet it is when not in use – real antlers are not.

If you are big into deer hunting and looking for an inexpensive accessory that really works, the Rack-N-Roll by Primos is highly recommended. My real antlers won't make the trek out into the woods with me again.

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