Be the Deadliest Hunter with New Scent Lok Clothing

News & Tips: Be the Deadliest Hunter with New Scent Lok Clothing...

scent lok imageThe 2015 hunting season is just around the corner, and with a new season typically comes new clothing and this year is no exception.  The new Scent Lok Savannah Crosshair an early season system, Full Season Velocity a mid-season system, and the Vortex Windproof a late season systems have arrived at Bass Pro Shops website and many of the retail locations such as the store located in Rossford, Ohio.  The Scent Lok brand may look different this year, but it is the same Scent Lok product people have come to know and love.

The Scent-Lok Savannah system has been redesigned for the upcoming season.  Scent Lok has “stripped away” the features that are not needed during the warmer season.  The Savannah hunting jacket has a grand total of three pockets, 2 hip and one chest pocket, harness access in the back just below the collar, and stretch fit cuffs to help keep scent locked in.  The Savannah hunting pants have 6 pockets total, a side waist adjuster, and to help improve flexibility they have an inner thigh gusset and articulated knees.  Okay, so what is a gusset and what are articulated knees? Right?  The thigh gusset helps to enlarge and strengthen that area of the pant and the articulated knees allow the pant to have a more normal bend, unlike the popular straight leg pants.  This allows them to be more comfortable because they fit more naturally.

1 jacket scent lok

The Scent-Lok Full Season Velocity which is still the most popular and most versatile system according to Scent Lok, is r1 pants scent lokated as a mid-season system, but is ideal for the later months because of the micro-fleece liner.   The jacket and pants both have a brushed shell to help a hunter remain silent and are DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treated to resist light rain or morning dew.  Remember that DWR, does not mean waterproof.  It just means that the garment is resistant to water and if you are sitting in the stand and find yourself in a steady rain, eventually the water is going to penetrate the clothing and you are going to get wet.   The hunting jacket has a safety harness access in the back at the base of the collar, a total of five pockets (3 exterior and 2 interior) and stretch fit cuffs to keep scent locked away.  The hunting pants have 8 pockets with easy access openings, a gripper waist for a more secure fit, and an inner thigh gusset for better flexibility.

The Scent-Lok Vortex Windproof late season system is a windproof fleece system.  Most fleece clothing allows a good wind to get through, however the Vortex System has a windproof barrier between two layers of fleece, of which the inner layer provides the warmth and the outer layer helps repel moisture.   The Vortex Windproof jacket has two waist pockets, elastic wrists to keep the wind out and scent in, and a safety harness access in the back just below the collar.  The Vortex Windproof pants have a 7 pocket design, elastic waistband, and a fly opening with a snap.

1 windproof jacket

All of the systems will be available in Real Tree Xtra camo and the new Mossy Oak Break Up Country camo patterns.  For now we only have the new Mossy Oak pattern on the Savannah and Full Season systems in the store.  As of the time I wrote this Scent Lok only has the Vortex in Real Tree Xtra listed on their website.  All of the systems are made with Scent Lok’s patented Carbon Alloy Scent Control System.

It’s never too early to prepare for the next season, so come in to Bass Pro Shops and check out the Scent Lok hunting clothing line. Remember, some scent control is good, but a full scent control system allows you to be deadly.


Jeremy Hollis
Bass Pro Shops Rossford Hunting Clothing Team Leader