Product Review: Ameristep Bone Collector Ground Blind

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Hunting from ground blinds has become extremely popular in the last decade and rightfully so. While tree stands of various types have always been popular, ground blinds offer some distinct advantages. I would not trade my Ameristep Bone Collector Ground Blind for the best tree stand on the market.

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The author likes the large space, durability and concealment the Ameristep Bone Collector Ground Blind provides.

The Bone Collector offers total concealment, yet provides ample visual opportunities with 10 openings of various sizes and configurations. Built with NS3 fabric, it not only eliminates shine and excessive noise, but also removes scent which can spook your quarry. The shoot through mesh windows, along with the dark interior, allows you to move and shoot with confidence that you will not be detected.

The SPIDER-HUB technology maximizes the blind's strength and makes set up and take down a cinch. Pack dimensions are a mere 8-by-44 inches, making the unit simple and easy to carry. The 75-by-75-by-69-inch blind weighs in at only 20 pounds, a real plus when making those longer hikes to a hunting destination.

Stakes and high wind tie-downs hold this blind in place. I once left my Bone Collector blind out in high winds and snow. I dreaded looking at the blind upon my return. To my surprise, all I had to do was brush a little snow from the roof, climb inside and enjoy my hunt.

The blind is plenty big enough for two guys and their equipment. If you hunt alone, you can really spread your gear out, or bring extra items that you might otherwise leave at home. I utilize a crossbow, comfortable camp chair, a large backpack with every hunting gadget and extra clothing packed inside, as well as an extra chair to hold items within an arms reach like magazines, binoculars, rangefinder, sandwiches, water bottle and coffee thermos.

The Bone Collector effectively breaks the wind, making it much easier to stick with the hunt on those exceptionally cold days. A vent at the top allows excess heat to escape, so that you do not have to worry about fogged optics.

I have used my Bone Collector Blind for archery and gun deer hunts as well as turkey hunts and photo and video sessions. It has performed flawlessly in all types of weather, including torrential rains. I have never been happier with a blind, as keeping photo and video equipment dry is essential.

Looks and economics are important to the modern hunter as well. The Realtree AP camo pattern is one of the sharpest on the market and blends in perfectly to most vegetative types. And for the cost, the Bone Collector will be my first choice of blinds for a long time to come.

One word of caution is in order. Do not leave your Bone Collector set up for long periods of time. Someone stole my first Bone Collector blind. I ordered another the day of my fateful discover. I won't be without one. And, rest assured, a Bone Collector blind will never leave you up a tree.