Scroggins Under The Knife

Scroggins Under Knife by Scroggins Under Knife

Mercury/Humminbird pro Terry Scroggins has plans for one of the more unique off-seasons compared to the rest of the Bassmaster Elite Series pros. Sure, Scroggins will get in some hunting, golfing and even a little saltwater fishing. However, unlike most pros, Scroggins will be making a visit to his local surgeon this December to take care of an issue he has largely put off until now.
"I am looking forward to taking time off this year," said Scroggins. "I had fun at the Toyota Texas Bass Classic, just didn't do very well. Now I am going to focus on a few fun things like saltwater fishing, some hunting, golfing and, oh yeah, hernia surgery.
Scroggins holds a fatty at the Toyota Texas Bass Classic (Joel Shangle)

"I've been dealing with the hernia for a few years and never had the surgery. I have no idea how it happened. It just got to the point of needing to get it done. I have time to do it now.getimage article show.aspxd

"I'm also planning on getting some time in to check out Lake Guntersville before the Classic cutoff of December 31. I go in for hernia surgery the first week of December. My doctor told me it'll be a few weeks for total recovery, but I can go do what I want as long as I can deal with the pain. I'll check out Guntersville sometime after my surgery in December."
Scroggins plans on some sponsor work and developing new baits.
"I have all of the same sponsors for next year that I have this year," said Scroggins. "In this economy, I think that is a pretty good achievement. I think I may work on adding a few more for next year.
"I'm gonna work on some things in Florida, too. It is a great time of the year to be flipping for bass. I will be working on developing some new baits and getting healthy for 2014."