Easy Ways to Stay Safe and Comfortable When Fall Fishing

News & Tips: Easy Ways to Stay Safe and Comfortable When Fall Fishing...

For anglers in the north, the arrival of fall means two things - cold temperatures and hot fishing. Banner days on the water are the norm, but to make these trips comfortable and safe, preplanning and ensuring certain items are in the boat will make your excursion a good one.

Choosing Clothing for Fall Fishing

Conditions can vary come fall and will often change by the hour so make sure you choose fishing clothes that keeps you warm and comfortable.

Concentrate on layering fishing apparel when heading out this fall. It is easier to shed layers if temperatures heat up than wishing you had brought extra items. Remember - it is always colder on the water than it is on land, so choose wisely.

Bring a pair of heavy gloves in the boat with you, for use when moving from spot to spot or when hands need extra warmth. Two pairs of thin gloves should also be in your bag for use when fishing. The first pair will undoubtedly get wet from reel spray, so a second pair is often needed to get you through the day.

Neck gaiters and balaclava headgear is always part of the fall checklist. The quickest way to lose heat is through the head, so gear up top is important.

Carry a full set of spare clothes in a dry bag at all times. If you or someone else falls overboard, quick access to dry clothes can be a lifesaver. I also keep a set of spare clothes in the truck for this reason.

Fall Footwear

Late fall is no time for sneakers. Waterproof, insulated boots are your best bet. Last year, I also experimented with heated insoles or foot warmers and was extremely impressed. Definitely worth a look.

Floater Suit

Some sort of floating outerwear, be it bibbed pants, a jacket or full suit is highly recommended for fall fishing. These garments will keep you toasty warm while also helping with buoyancy if you happen to go overboard. I personally like the bibbed pants and jacket combo as it allows me to shed one or both items if temperatures get too warm.

Life jacket

Although they should be worn at all times, most anglers neglect these lifesavers when fishing during the warm summer months. Once fall hits, wearing your life jacket all day is highly recommended. Go with an inflatable life jacket, and I guarantee you will hardly notice it is on. And it might just save your life.

Miscellaneous Items

  • Charcoal activated hand warmers.
  • Thermos of soup or hot chocolate.
  • Cell phone.
  • Signal flares.
  • Spare container of gas.