Changing Baits When Fishing

Don’t be afraid to change baits when fishing slows down. Giving fish a new look is sometimes all it takes to put several of them in your boat.

Say, for example, you fish an area that is holding good fish and you catch one or two on a crankbait. Before moving on, work the area again with a crankbait that has a different action or maybe one that will run a little deeper or shallower.

Also, don’t be afraid to try lures that aren’t supposed to work under certain conditions. That different look can be enough to coax a few more
fish into striking. Every time you present a lure that looks different, you give yourself a chance to catch fish that wouldn’t respond to other baits you’ve fished. Sometimes, being different is all it takes.

Gary Parsons is a member of the
Bass Pro Shops® Pro Fishing Team