Off-Season Crankbait Maintenance

Flicker Shad.By the end of a fishing season, it’s a pretty good bet that your crankbait boxes are in need of some serious attention. Sorting the baits according to style, depth range and color will ensure you’ll quickly be able to find the right lure when the time comes to go fishing again. 

As you sort, be sure to check the hooks. If they are showing signs of rust and/or wear, now’s the perfect time to change them out. All you need is a pair of split-ring pliers and an assortment of replacement hooks.

Don’t skimp on the hooks either ... remember, this is the part of the lure that either hooks the fish, or doesn’t. If you’ve ever lost a big fish at the side of the boat, you know the feeling a bargain hook can cause. For the ultimate in replacement hooks, consider going to Mustad Ultra Point Triple Grip Treble Hooks (model 36233 in Black Nickel or Red color). These unique wide bend, fine-wire hooks hold fish like no other. They come in a wide range of sizes to fit any crankbait, and feature Mustad’s super sharp, super durable Ultra Point technology. 

You’ll also want a few spare split rings available to replace any of those that are showing signs of rust.

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by Gary Parsons